No big deal

Lu Bin, a taciturn young man who has recently been released from a juvenile detention centre, is assigned to learn cooking at a culinary school. On his third day under the instruction of the head chef Ms. Li, a sum of money disappears from the school office. The teachers at the school turn their suspicion to Lu Bin. While Ms. Li is a strict teacher to Lu Bin, she also sympathizes with him. If Lu Bin is identified as a thief, he will be expelled from the school. Two teachers decide to investigate further, and Ms. Li is forced to face her suspicion of Lu Bin, along with another unexpected secret. 

No Big Deal Director’s Statement

A dish re-made from scratch; a young man reformed. A sum of money that is assumed to have been stolen but has actually just been misplaced; a wallet that is assumed to have been forgotten at home but has in fact been stolen. The many things that have been lost are eventually reclaimed when we open our hearts and offer our trust. This is a story about forgiveness and tolerance, a story about growing up. As the title of the film implies, even the
biggest, most devastating mistakes, faults, and losses are no big deal in the end, because everything that was once lost can eventually be found again.

Chinese Poster

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