About Ken Yang

Ken Yang is a Canadian screenwriter and director born and raised in the hutongs of Beijing. His works, produced independently in Taiwan, have been selected or awarded at the Xining FIRST Film Festival, 86358 Short Film Festival (held by Jia Zhangke Art Center), NEW ERA Film Festival, Madrid International Film Festival. He brings a unique creative perspective from his cross-cultural life and work experiences in different countries.  

Official selection The 4th China Independent Film Festival

Official Selection FIRST International Film Festival
FFIFA Winner Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards
Official Selection Chinese Korean Share Your Dream Short Film Festival

Official Nomination Best Writer NEW ERA Film Festival
Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival Semi-finalist
Madrid International Film Festival Best Lead Actor in Foreign Language Short Film
Official selection California Independent Film Festival
Official selection Miami Independent Film Festival

Best Director 86358 Short Film Festival Jia-Zhang-Ke Art Center
Official Nomination Best Director / Editor Chongqing Youth Film Festival
Official selection Golden Lotus Award
Official selection The Canada China International Film Festival
Official selection Western Art Film Festival
Official selection Around International Film Festival
The Lift-Off Sessions

Wechat: fivesummersfilm

📮 Fivesummersfilm@gmail.com

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